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daaaamn my blog so dead xD

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Windows 7 pictures wont show in thumbnails

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ok so i was wondering why this suddenly happened to my pc, neways its a pain since i had to click the img just to see what it is xD

what i did is i went to folder options, ( type folder options in your search bar at start menu)

then "view" tab

then this little shit here - > "always show icons, never thumbnails"

uncheck it xD

yo ppl, read this manga :)

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lately i been reading this manga :D i tot its just some all-ero manga thingie lying arround lost, but the story is quite interesting and is really new to me (uh uuhmm. o.o it really is) been reading it for a while ithink u guys should too :D

 (whole page says do not host the image. so i'll just post a partial part of the page.)

oooh yeah~ and i started to deal nice LB :D

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LIMIT BREAK!! :D look at that golden shiny text!

no enhance or hex thingie >:o i just broke my limits bwahahahaha

yay a new content! -beer, punks and some serious shit!

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eya guys! is been a while lol, well here's some news :D one of Atlus' leading online games from japan Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE's english server just implemented Ikebukuro map (yup it "just" got implemented o.o ) everyone was really hyped about it since its been a while.

this new content features a new map, new enemies (not so new) and new quests (something to make you guys busy for a while)

whole map is big as someone's moma D:

but worry not! my clanee PumpkinLord made a decent and userfriendly guide for the map quest

part 1

part 2

some screenshots...

and here's a ss of ike map, for eas of use and whatever~

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