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Windows 7 pictures wont show in thumbnails

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ok so i was wondering why this suddenly happened to my pc, neways its a pain since i had to click the img just to see what it is xD

what i did is i went to folder options, ( type folder options in your search bar at start menu)

then "view" tab

then this little shit here - > "always show icons, never thumbnails"

uncheck it xD

yo ppl, read this manga :)

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lately i been reading this manga :D i tot its just some all-ero manga thingie lying arround lost, but the story is quite interesting and is really new to me (uh uuhmm. o.o it really is) been reading it for a while ithink u guys should too :D

 (whole page says do not host the image. so i'll just post a partial part of the page.)

oooh yeah~ and i started to deal nice LB :D

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LIMIT BREAK!! :D look at that golden shiny text!

no enhance or hex thingie >:o i just broke my limits bwahahahaha

yay a new content! -beer, punks and some serious shit!

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eya guys! is been a while lol, well here's some news :D one of Atlus' leading online games from japan Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE's english server just implemented Ikebukuro map (yup it "just" got implemented o.o ) everyone was really hyped about it since its been a while.

this new content features a new map, new enemies (not so new) and new quests (something to make you guys busy for a while)

whole map is big as someone's moma D:

but worry not! my clanee PumpkinLord made a decent and userfriendly guide for the map quest

part 1

part 2

some screenshots...

and here's a ss of ike map, for eas of use and whatever~

what is AP -nds games- and how to patch it

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"AP" or "anti-piracy" is a script installed in a game to prevent it from being illegally copied. it ussually hinders the players progression in-game. for example, in Devil Survivor 2. (spoiler alert) there's an event when a certain character should hit the boss by driving a truck to ram it and weaken it but when playing with a back up ROM file, the player wont ever come instead, making the boss completely unbeatable. another one is in Yu-Gi-Oh! 2011 where the kids will ditch you and would never drop by the hideout/hq whatever they call that place lol.

but there's a program on how to remove this said patch, its called Discatia

Discatia is made to... basically its to remove the AP lol xD 

the product is downloadable here

tutorials on how to use it can also be found there.

note. if you have played the game on non-patched rom, you can still load it by simply renaming it with the same name as the patched one :)

HAVE FUN~ and remember. real fans buy game >.< support the devs :P

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